Load details

You can display all the details about a load. These include:

Primary order: Primary order number

Status: Status of the load

Tractor: Tractor number

Trailer: Trailer number

Bill of lading: Bill of lading number (tracking number)

P.O. #: Purchase order number (PO#)

Shipper: Shipper code (as well as shipper name and location)

Consignee: Consignee code (as well as consignee name and location)

Order weight: Order weight

Tare weight: Tare weight

Origin: Origin city and state

Destination: Destination city and state

Desired pick-up: Desired pick-up date and time

Desired delivery: Desired delivery date and time

Actual pick-up: Actual pick-up date and time

Arrival: Actual arrival date and time

Last contact: Last contact

Booked with: With whom the load was booked

Distance: Estimated distance traveled

Loaded: Loaded weight

Empty: Empty weight

If the load has been dispatched, you can also click on the tractor number for the details on the tractor, or on the trailer number for details on the trailer.