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Multi-search allows you to search through loads based on the criteria you specify. If the Multi-search item is not available on the left-hand side of your screen, you do not have the authority to use Multi-search.

Select who you are in the first box on the screen. Your options are:

Customer: The customer who is responsible for the order(s).

Consignee: The consignee who is to sign for the order.

Load at: The location where the order is being loaded.

Bill to: The location to which the order is billed.

Select the status of the load(s) you want to display in the second box. Your options are:

Available: All orders available for pick-up are listed.

Enroute: All orders that have been dispatched are listed.

Completed: All orders that have been completed are listed.

Cancelled: All orders that have been cancelled are listed.

You may also input a date range for the loads you want to display. You may either specify if you want the date range to indicate the time of pick-up or the time of delivery.

Specify the number of lines to display. The default is 10 lines. You can specify anywhere from 5 to 500 lines to display.

In the right-hand frame is a list of customers. You may select to view loads from all the customers, or from the customers you select. To select all the customers, click Select all. To remove all the customers and start over, click Clear all.

Once you have entered all the pertinent information, click Submit to view the orders.

NOTE: If you return to the Multi-search page to do another search, the values that you inputted for your previous search will selected for the next search. You may change them to search for different criteria. If you have problems with this, click here.