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Order details

You can display all the details about a order. These include:

Primary order: Primary order number

Status: Status of the load

Tractor: Tractor number

Trailer: Trailer number

Bill of lading: Bill of lading number (tracking number)

P.O. #: Purchase order number (PO#)

Shipper: Shipper code (as well as shipper name and location)

Consignee: Consignee code (as well as consignee name and location)

Order weight: Order weight

Tare weight: Tare weight

Origin: Origin city and state

Destination: Destination city and state

Desired pick-up: Desired pick-up date and time

Desired delivery: Desired delivery date and time

Actual pick-up: Actual pick-up date and time

Arrival: Actual arrival date and time

Last contact: Last contact

Booked with: With whom the load was booked

Distance: Estimated distance traveled

Loaded: Loaded weight

Empty: Empty weight

If the order has been dispatched, you can also click on the trailer number for details on the trailer.